Saturday, 30 November 2013

Who's awesome...

We all need the little tap in the back once in a while. Even if we haven't been that good we did our best. To keep going on, we need to get some support from time to time. Start to do this and you'll see wonderful things happening around you.

Sometimes, you have something wonderful in your hand, but you just don't see it. Believe in yourself and good things will come to you.

Friday, 22 November 2013


The first step into success, is to believe in yourself. It's that simple.

No one will build your business for you. Most will do their best to make you quit.

Most don't like someone to go further then them. If you reach your goal, you show them that they don't. Your success show them that they didn't do anything.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Change your life...

The wheel is in your hand! You are the one!

Don't wait anymore on someone else or something else to build your business. Stop building excuses and start using some good reason to build it now.

No one can do it for you.

I don't mean to do all of it alone, I just mean that you should stop using others as a reason not to build your business. If you're emitting the right energy, people will gather around you. :)

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Albert was talking about change. Change our thinking.

The biggest problem with business today is the way a lot of new comers think. There's no get rich quick method, you can't become rich sitting on the couch watching tv. Wake-up!

You choose to do what you want, but realize that the ones who are reaching success, they're doing what you don't.

There's so many ways to waste time today. So many stuff that will never bring anything to you else then wasting time. We're so focus on entertainment that we forgot that we should become rich before investing most of our times into relaxing.

Monday, 11 November 2013

A Hand...

Building your business on helping others is the best way to make it last.

When you help someone else, it will come back to you. You can't know from where it will come. I could come from someone you don't even know right now. But it will come back.

Don't wait on the return, keep helping and giving. If you stop to wait for what you should get you could end up with nothing. The return can be anything. So it can happen that you get it and didn't realize it.

Help others and you'll help yourself.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Are you open to opportunity?

Yes, opportunities are knocking at your door all the times. Are you noticing it?

If you're closed to those new knock, then you'll loose the chance to build something that's needed. Yes, if you're not doing it, someone else will.

Knock! Knock! Are you open to make money? Really!!!!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

From red to green...

Delay the return...

When you start a business, you are in the red. You ain't making much money. But a time will come when you'll start to make some green. When the green start, you should stop yourself and really think if you really need this money. Maybe, you could use it to help your business grow. The more you invest the green, the more green you'll end up with.

A lot of people think that a business is like a job, they're so wrong. A business is an investment in your future. If you work on it and keep working on it, then you'll end up with something worth much more then what you invested in it.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Time wasted...

Time investment...

What does your life worth? Millions! Billions! More the that!

Do you realize what you are doing with the time you have? Are you looking at what you are doing and wonder why you did it? Maybe you would have worked on something else if you had focus all your energy in the right place.

Don't spend time with what you don't like. Let this be someone else interesting work. Invest in what you want and not what others want. Stop putting all your energy into something that you don't like.

Start to work forward your goal and get it.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Around you...

See what you need to see...

All that you need to get to build your business is around you. Open your eyes and listen, you'll get all the needed info and tools to build your business. You just need to be open. It's all around you.

Start right now and keep improving. Success is always about doing stuff!

Are you willing to get your hands dirty? You should!

Sunday, 3 November 2013


Enjoy the simple things in life...

Yes, it's cool to have a brand new car. But it's still great to have a car even if it's not brand new.

Choose what you really need and focus on that. Don't care about the social talk. Why would you care to have something because someone else tells you should have it. Stand tall and choose for you, not for others. And if you think that a brand new car is within your need, then go for it.

Stop the madness with the brand new. New doesn't mean better. Maybe what you have is way better then what ever is in store now. You only need to really understand what you should put on the front line of your investment.

Enjoy simple things in life. I don't have a cell phone. I don't need one. People can reach me on the web or on my phone at home. I don't get out of town, so there's always a lot of ways I can contact anyone around me. I don't need a cell. :)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Don't give up...

Failure is just a step before success...

I have 3 rules to live by if you want to have success in a business. It's simple, 3 rules.

- Be Patient: If you keep doing what needs to be done, you'll end up with success. Don't expect success to come fast.

- Stay Focus: Don't wander into new project when you are still building one. In fact, there's a lot of people jumping from program to program in hope that success will come because it's new. No, success is never about jumping from project to project. It's all about Focus.

- Never give up: Failure is just a step before success...   Keep going on with your project. Make some changes if you want, but don't give up.