Monday, 30 March 2015

Love the simple things

We all seek to add years to our life. But do we really enjoy the ones we already have.

Simple things are the basic to have a good life. If you feel good with what you have, then you already have the start to enjoy. If you focus on what you don’t have, you don’t enjoy anything. In the end, we remember the moment of joy.

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
- Abraham Lincoln

Focus on the simple and enjoy life. You have the power to find the simple in any situation. It’s up to you to choose to find it or not. And even when you don’t find it at once, if you keep focusing on your quest to find it, you’ll feel the joy of doing so. Focusing on the simple and enjoying it will help you stay happy.

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'”
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Joy can come from doing simple things for others. Many people under-estimate the benefit of doing something to help others. You’ll know your limit and you should respect them.

What is simple for you can be very complicated for someone else. Always set the level of what you do with what you can do. Go along with what you feel is within your capacity.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Leader or Boss?

Work on yourself and the team will come to you.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
 - John Quincy Adams

A leader you can become. Your own team you can build. The first thing you need to do is to choose to do the work. Then you start to work on yourself.

What you do will always take the first place in what your team will do. If you want result among your team, then you’ll have to get result by yourself first.

Do and they shall do the same.

Be and they shall become.

An imposed leader will never be the real leader until he is taken as so by his team. A leader has to gain the respect of the team. No leader can impose their leadership. Leadership can’t be forced. It has to be gain.

Forced leadership is always an illusion. It will stand as long as the team members don’t get a way out. As soon as there’s a way out, the leadership will shift.

No amount of money can buy you a team. You have to deserve them.

Your team will always be at your level. If you want to raise the lever of your team, start with your own level.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Influence in the world

You have influence in what the world will become. You are part of what is the world.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi

It all start with you. You are the first step into changing the world. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Do it for you and the world will respond to it.

As soon as we are aware of what happens in the world, we can’t deny our responsibility into it. Don’t underestimate the power you have to change things that you can't physically touch. Your influence will mix with the influence of others and it will become the reality.

We don’t always become aware of the influence we have on the world. Sometimes, things change for good or bad without us knowing about it. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Nice goes around

Be nice, it’s very cheap.

“Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A 'you can do it' when things are tough.”
- Richard M. DeVos

The reward is the warm feeling you get when you are truly nice with someone else. Don’t expect more.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
- Leo Buscaglia

Would you like to earn the reputation of being a life changer? Would you like people to remember you with the good you have done in their life? To be so, you just need to make the effort to for it.

Greatness is about many occurrences. Leave a positive trace in many people life’s and you’ll be immortalize.

How can you be nice?
1.     Smile: It may seems obvious, but so many people don’t smile. This will help to be taken as a nice person. Your smile needs to be sincere.
2.     Make small talk: Don’t underestimate the power of asking how someone is doing. Again, be sincere doing so. Everyone knows if you are or not, and it will make all the difference. Small talk is the start when you want to build a relation with someone.
3.     Be polite: Simple things can earn you a very good reputation. Opening the door for someone else, leaving your seat to someone, using mister and misses when you talk to someone you don’t know and using please - thank you.
4.     Offer help: When you think someone need help, then offer to do so. A lot will not want it, but it will be taken as a very nice gesture to offer.
5.     Use their name: Make the effort to remember the name of every people that is presented to you. Instead of apologizing because you forgot the name, it will become a very positive energy into this relation as you remember the name.
6.     Don’t judge: Don’t judge people on their look. Take the time to know them a little before you choose to respond to them. Be nice to everyone, even the people who are not nice with you.
7.     Be a good listener: People who can listen are seen as nice people. You’ll need to respect your agenda and learn to stop when you don’t have any more time to give to that person. You can set another meeting for later if that person still want to share with you.
8.     Avoid gossip: Don’t play the gossip game. Be polite and let people know you don’t want to join in gossip. In the short term, people will see you as an outsider. And later, you’ll become the friend of everyone who don’t want their life expose to all. In the end you’ll win.
9.     Share: All that you share will come back to you. It could come back in some other form, but it will come back. Share all that you possess. Do it with a sincere heart.
10. Treat and treated: Always treat people the same way you want them to treat you.
11. Try to see the other side: Do your best to see the point of view of the other. Placing yourself on the side of the person in front of you will help you relate to them.
12. Keep the mood light: When you have to be with someone who’s stressing you, try to light up the mood. Don’t enter the mood of the other, impose yours with some goof or jokes that will light it up.

Usually, nice people will get more invitation to join project and activities. When choosing between two people with the same qualities, we always go for the one we think is nicer.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Emotion drive

Don’t underestimate the power of emotion. When emotions are involved everything you do is more powerful. For good or bad, it will change your life.

When you invest yourself into building your dream, you invest your emotion and your passion into that dream. This will bring a lot more energy and power to your action. But if you start to rage about the lack of result, that emotion will destroy all you invested before into building that dream. You are your worst enemy.

“Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.”
-         T. S. Eliot

Do you invest yourself into building your dream? Do you want it bad enough? Do you let negative energy destroy what you have already done?

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”
-         Napoleon Hill

When you want something really bad, you invest a lot of energy into getting it. But if you start to doubt you’ll get it, then you are moving into a destructive direction. Doubt will destroy all the work you have done before.

Doubts are hard to overcome. One thing you can do that will help is to focus on the dream and how happy you will be when you’ll get there. Attach real feeling to that dream and you’ll have more power to overcome doubts.

There’s no easy way. You’ll have to work on your motivation to keep going on.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dream Big

Dream big dream and don’t stop there!

We all have the chance to build something with our dream. The biggest excuses for not building our dream is always coming from us.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”
 - Joel A. Barker

Dreamers are not always doers. Dreams should never stop there. The dreams need to find their way into reality.

Your dreams are as great as anyone’s dreams. Don’t under estimate how great your dreams are. As long as they are great within you, they’ll become great for the lives of others too.

“Success is not a destination, but the road that you're on. Being successful means that you're working hard and walking your walk every day. You can only live your dream by working hard towards it. That's living your dream.”
 - Marlon Wayans

Dream needs to become reality. And to become reality, they’ll need lots of work from you. No one else will build your dream, you have to do it.

If you don’t work on your dream, someone else will hire you to work on theirs.