Friday, 31 May 2013

Quality Traffic

This week, I got a very strange e-mail. A company I'm associated with told me to stop promoting them in Traffic Exchange. They said that it wasn't providing quality traffic.

I was wondering why I never eared about them before. They think like Amway were thinking 20 years ago. They think that you must do a qualifying check up before sending someone to them. I was in the work of making splash page to brand me and promoting the program. But in the first days, I didn't had my splash page done. I sent 50 000 hits to them within 3 days and they didn't liked it.

Usually, all the program want you to promote them. And the more people you send them, the better. Out of the 50 000 hits, I had a unique hits ratio of more then 60%. This means that I sent more then, 25 000 unique people to their website.

I know they're making money and doing great. So, I have some questions.

Do the people surfing Traffic Exchange are unworthy customer?

Amway is one of the biggest MLM program in the world. They changed and opened to the internet lately. And they're even promoting on TV. They're building their brand on a larger market then when I was with them.

This new program is great, maybe the best one I came across in the last 10 years.

Here is this new program:  Stiforp

Does branding to a large market help building the image of a company?

Are we about to take a step back in how to promote a business on the web?

Or is this a step ahead in making money on the web?

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Where to advertise part 5

Where do you advertise?

Part 5

You can find lots of links to great program according to each type of advertising on my yahoo group

Using torrent and sharing program:
You could create an e-book and share on those networks. It’s fast and can bring you a lot of traffic. And from that traffic, you’ll find new people to join your team. You have to create a link to your e-book using the technique describes on those web sites. You should submit your link at least once a week until you’ll have a lot of people sharing your e-book. If you need help in creating an e-book, join my the Free yahoo group.

Making an e-book:
Yes, you can make an e-book to promote your business. It’s all about how fast you’ll learn to use the tools. I wrote my first after 4 years on the web.

Please, put some content in your e-book. Empty ones will bring negative comment and your e-book will never become a great tool to promote your business.

Banner exchange:
You can find some free banner on the Yahoo Group. Those banners can be placed on a web site by pasting the code directly into the page. And you can also use those banners into banner exchange program.  

When you join a banner exchange, you’ll get a few lines of codes that you paste into your web site. When you get someone to visit your web site, it will give you points. Those points will be used to show your banner on another web site.

In reality, banners are ones of the less effective ways to promote. Most of the time, you have to show a banner 10 000 to 15 000 times before getting one click. Some would say that it’s a waste of time. Me, I would say that if you use the system I’m going to give you, it will be of some use and for little work. 

First, you open a web site. You can use a free web site.

Second, you join 2 or 3 free banner exchanges.

Third, you paste the banner exchange code into your web page (place one on top and the rest at the bottom of your web page).

Fourth, you join some auto surf program.

Fifth, you promote your web page (with the banner exchange code on them) on those auto surf programs.

Sixth, set your web page to have more then just banner exchange on it. Place some promo text and a few pictures in relation with the text. You have to include some information because; some banner exchange program will refuse your membership if you have only banner on your web page.

Seventh, you start the auto surf program (1 to 3 at the same time) when you are going to bed or leaving for work. If you have a phone line connection (unlimited), it would be better to use the auto surf programs during the night.

Don’t place the same banner exchange code more then once on your page. Doing so could get your account deleted. But most of the banner exchange will accept that you place the code on many different pages. If you create other pages, add the code to them also.

Paying bar:
This is a little software that you install on your computer. It’ll show you a pub on the desk top of your computer. As long as you’re connected to the internet and active, you get paid. You can also use your earning to buy advertising on that bar.

In conclusion about advertising:

There’s a lot of new idea that could came up and give you the chance to promote your business. You must always verify if those ideas could be seen as SPAM before using them.

Take the time to understand how each of them works. So you can use them with the maximum results.

What ever you use, remember that each of those can bring new people in your team. You should try all of them at least once. Me, I’m using most of them.

Stay focus with one business and promote every day.

When you’ll get better at using those free programs, then you’ll be ready to choose the ones that you want to upgrade with.

Remember that free advertising will demand more work.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Where to advertise part 4

Where do you advertise?

Part 4

You can find lots of links to great program according to each type of advertising on my yahoo group

Opt-in list:
Those are listing of people who wants to promote a business. You have to join the list before having any means to post in it. Some will allow you to post once a week, others once a month. You should use a free e-mail like Gmail with those, because of the quantity of e-mail you’ll get.

Stay focus, someone out there will notice that you are promoting the same business on and on. They’ll come take a look at what you have. In reality, most of us are looking for a long term business.

Paid to read:
Those are programs that will pay you to click links in an e-mail that are linked to advertising. To use those, you’ll have to view a lot of pub before having enough money or points to send your own pub.

It’ll bring a lot of mail into your mailbox daily. You should dedicate an e-mail to those programs only.

Buying ads in those are quite cheap.

Pop up or Pop in:
Those are codes that you place on a web page. It will open a new page with an ad on it as soon as people come to visit.

Stay away from those.

It’s an annoying way to promote and a lot of people are banning web pages that have those kinds of pub. And you don’t want your web page to be banned.

Lately, those have been blocked by surfing program like Internet Explorer and Firefox. It’s automated, so you’ll waste your time integrating a pop up on your website.

Screen saver exchange:
This is something very close to auto-surf. When your screen saver starts, it’ll log to the program and show web site on your monitor as a screen saver. This will earn you credits that you can use to show the web site where you have put your banner exchange code. You can even close your monitor and it’ll still work.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Where to advertise part 3

Where do you advertise?

Part 3

You can find lots of links to great program according to each type of advertising on my yahoo group.  

Social network:
Those web sites are base around the concept of building a network of contacts and friends. You should create a page telling everyone that you are involve in a business and that you are looking for some good people to associate yourself with. To develop your relation, you’ll have to visit other people page and ask them to become your friend. When they accept to become your friend, you should write a little comment (that you are happy to become their friend) with one link to your business. Don’t use a large banner, because it could be seen as SPAM.

You’ll have to surf the members database and find people that could be interested in your business or would have some interest that are in relation with yours. It’s mostly the same things with all of them.

A blog can be a good way to promote. A blog is something like a personal journal posted on the web. Some are very personal and others are more informative.

To promote your business, you should start a blog talking about business or something in relation. I would recommend adding one post a day (Minimum 4 per week). You could present free documentation about business that you can find on the web. And if you do so, always post the link to your source for each of those posts. If you are creative, you can also write your own post. The more you post, the more chance you have that people will visit your blog.

When you post, you should use a ping page to let the web know about it. In your blog you can post your ads and promote your business.

Your blog could help you become a reference in your domain. And that would bring you a lot of free advertising.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Where to advertise part 2

Where do you advertise?

Part 2

You can find lots of links to great program according to each type of advertising on my yahoo group

Manual Surfing:
In those programs, you have to look at web pages until a timer gets to 0. Then you click on a link and look at another web page. Each web page you visit will earn you points. You use those points to get people to look at your web page. Some will even pay you to click and give you points to promote your web page at the same times.

To get the most of those programs, you should use Firefox and surf 5 of those at the same times using a tab for each of them. You can do it also with Explorer when you use the tab.

Why doing this? Because you have to wait 5 to 15 seconds before you can click and visit another site. In those seconds, you click on the tab of the next program and click on the link that should appear while you were clicking on another tab. After a few days of doing this, you’ll become better. At first, you’ll have to try a lot of program to find the one that you like to use.

Auto Surfing:
In those programs, you have to log into the web site of the program. Then start the auto surf link. It will work by itself. The timer will run until it reaches 0, then it will show you another web page. Each page shown to you will earn you points (even if you don’t look at your screen). Then you can use those points to show your web page. You can run more then one of those programs at the same time. You just have to open them into a new window or tab.

Discussion group or Message board:
This is a good way to promote your business in the long term. You join discussion group that interest you. You place your ad in your Signature (only in your signature). Don’t post an ad directly as a message; most discussion group will treat those as SPAM. If you provided interesting information in your post (in relation with the subject of the discussion group), your signature ad will bring people who liked what you wrote. Some of those web sites also provide the option to add a web link in a list. Promoting like this will take quite some time. But it will get your affiliate links out there for good.

Free for all links exchange or reciprocal links:
This is a cheap way to promote your business and build a presence on the web. The free for all links pages will give you the opportunity to add a link. You should always place your link on pages that are related to business on the web. Most Free for all links administrator will delete the links that aren’t related to the subject of the listing. For reciprocal links, you’ll add a link on your web page for that web site and they’ll add a link for yours on their web page.

First, you should do this with web sites that are respecting the ethic of your business.

Second, the web site should be working.

And third, it should bring you some exposure. To do this, you’ll have to contact the web site owner and ask for a reciprocal link.