Monday, 28 July 2014

Celebrate your achievement!

Love yourself

Celebrate your achievement. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or not. Celebrate them. What ever you do, to keep going forward you need to feel good about it. When you celebrate your action, you give love to yourself. Keep doing it and you’ll keep your spirit up.

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”
 - Buddha

Be unconditional with yourself; give all your love to yourself. If you can’t love yourself, who will ever find the will to do it.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Haters hate the doers.

Doing is always placing ourselves in front of critics. The doers are always the ones we talk about.

Good or bad, as long as you get talk about. Being among the mass is never good for business. You have to stand out to be among the top.

Do you want to be among the top or do you want to stay among the mass?

It's all about what you want. It's that simple.

If you choose to reach for the top, then you must be ready to face the haters. When the haters start to blast about you, this means that you're starting to be among the top. Because, haters are the ones to hate the best among all. They want them to get down to their level and be among the mass. Because they don't want to be the ones to stretch the normality into something harder. The doers are the ones to raise the level of accomplishment, they stretch the reality and make it better (harder). Nothing good is easy. But if you really want to reach for the top, you have to face your fear and overcome the hard moment you have to face. Keep working hard and keep reaching to better yourself. You won't be among the best at first, you'll have to learn and grow before you reach their level. But if you keep it up and work hard, you'll reach the moment when the haters will start to think you're a worthy target.

There's no easy way to make it. Even if you don't want to work, you'll have to do something. Nothing is for free. There's always a price to pay when you want to reach any goal in life.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Average or Memorable?

Are you afraid?

If you’re not afraid, then you will not accomplish anything good. To be afraid is the first step into greatness.

“True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job anyhow, that's what courage is.”
 - Norman Schwarzkopf

Yes, the great people will accomplish what need to be done when they are afraid.

In business, most will be afraid to fail. The more they have to go out of their comfort zone, the more afraid they become. Those who can keep going on doing what need to be done will earn the respect of those who have been there too. It’s a select group that only includes the best.

Do you want to be in that group? Do you have what is needed to join that group? Will you do what is needed to join that group?

If you answer yes to those three questions, then maybe you have a chance to reach that group. But if you fail in any of those, you’ll stay among the mass of the common people who work for those into that select group.

“Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.”
 - Fernando Flores

Don’t be afraid to be afraid. Be afraid to be idle because you’re afraid.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Positively Rage!

Can you rage?

There’s positive energy in rage. But, you need to have the capacity to use that energy positively. It can be easy to use it the other way. In fact, most people will use rage in a negative way.

“In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.” - Lee Iacocca

How to use rage in a positive way?

-         Use the rage to propel you into action. Action in changing what is the source of your rage. Action in changing it so it will be better and more productive. Action will also help you to control your rage.
-         Use the rage to drive you into not giving up. Use that energy to keep going on.
-         Use the rage to be more creative. Rage can propel you into finding a way to make it better and surpass your competition.

 “There's nothing wrong with anger provided you use it constructively.” - Wayne Dyer

You need a way out?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Got Time?

Is it the right time?

Do you really need me to tell you this?

There’s no tomorrow. You only have right now.

Stop putting stuff for later. Stop making excuses for not doing what needs to be done right now. Yes, you have to make priorities, but you also need to take responsibilities for choosing those priorities.

If you choose the wrong ones, then you have to know it and understand that you can’t come back and change what you haven’t done.

You can do what you haven’t done right now. But it will never replace the fact that you didn’t before. And the result could be very different for that reason.

When you choose to put something for tomorrow, you give the opportunity to someone else to take action and grab the profit in that action before you.

You’re never alone in planning anything. There’s always someone else who is getting that same idea. The only fact that you got that idea has generated the energy needed to get it to someone else. And when you get an idea, it doesn’t mean that you’re the first to get it. There could someone else with the same idea working to make it work.

So, when you get an idea. Don’t wait, go for it; or not.

If you wait, then you will build a sentiment of guilt because you haven’t been starting from the first moment it came to you.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Want to get a Traffic Exchange?

Let's say that you would like to own a traffic exchange.

Ok, you started the program and got people to join it. The things is not working as much as you would like. There's not enough credits moving, so people are not surfing at all. What should you do?

First, you'll have to surf your program. Yes, actually surf your program to get some credits moving around. Never add credits manually to your account in your program. You have to earn your credits as everyone else. And you'll also learn if your ratio of credits is good or not. Are you getting too much credits for what you surf.

Then, you have to promote your program and get more people to join in and surf. When I say promote, I mean only promote that program. You don't promote anything else then your program.

As the owner of the te, you can put all the ads that you want for free (if you choose to). So, every time you spend a credit outside of your te to promote another te, then you're wasting those credits for someone else business. If you don't promote your te, who will.

To get affiliate in your te that will promote it, they have to think that you really care about your te and that it will be around for more then a few month.

If you don't promote your te, then why should I promote it for you.

Great sponsor

Friday, 4 July 2014

Go outside the box

Go outside the box.

Taking the highway seams the best way to reach your goal. The only problem is the fact that you’re not alone and you may also not be the fastest. This would mean that the moment you reach it, you may find yourself with only bits of your goal.

Leaving the Highway can be seen as going outside the box. You choose to take a road that isn’t as used as the 4 lanes. It can be scary. You have to leave the safety of the box to walk an uncharted road.

The fact is that even if you think you’re the first to take a road, there’s a good possibility that someone else has taken it before. So, you should do some research about it. Maybe you could find a lot of good data that could help you in your quest. But, never take for granted that those data are good. They could be all wrong.

People tend to follow a trend. Most will do their best to stay on a well planned path. But if you choose to go for the highway, don’t expect too much. You’ll have to be a lot better than all the others on that road.

Going outside the main road is not for everyone. You have to be made of stone to take that road. It’s difficult and you could en up with nothing to build on. Starting from scratch is the hardest way to build a business. It’s not for everyone.

What ever you choose, you’ll have to work hard. Even the highway will ask a lot of work from you.

If you come across an offer from a business claiming to build your business for you, don’t fall for it. It’s a trap. Once you have paid, they’ll let you down.

I can show you how to build your business. Join me and learn to earn.