Sunday, 30 June 2013

Are you Tithing?

I love this little text from Rhonda...

"The ancient Babylonians practiced a vital law that was the cause of their immense prosperity. They used the tithing law, which involves giving one-tenth of all money or riches that you receive. The tithing law says that you must give to receive, and the Babylonians knew that the practice of this law opens up the flow of abundance. If you are thinking, "I will give when I have enough money," then the tithing law says you will never have enough money, because you have to give first. Many of the wealthiest people on the planet tithed their way to wealth, and they have never stopped tithing!"
- Rhonda Byrne

So simple that most will go by this law and not using it. You need to give to get.

Start right now. Look at what you have in your bank account and give 10% of it.

Now, the question is, to what cause do you give? You give to what makes you feel good. If it's an author that has inspired you, that's OK. If it's to a cause that is moving you, that's OK. If it's to someone that need help, it's OK. As long as it makes you feel good.

You could try to pic people that have help you in the past. No matter how long it has been, they'll remember what they have done for you. :)

You could try to pic people that have inspired you to become a better person. :)

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Do you have something to say?

When I don't have a lot of inspiration for my new post, I like to visit blog. Sometimes, I read a post that give me the drive to write my own post. But sometimes, I come across some very sad blog. There's too much blog that are just advertising board. I know, people want to promote and find new referral, but you do this at the expense of new follower and maybe referral on your blog. People join people, not business. If you build your reputation on good blog post, people will like you and join what you are promoting because it's you. So, if you get removed from the bookmarks because you only advertise on your blog, then it will be all your fault.

So, here's some blog that I like to read because they have something to say. :)

Entrepreneurship Blog by Mike Michalowicz. Mike has wrote two good books on building your own business. He's a straight talking guy that will always say what he thinks is the best. He post a lot, and on a lot of interesting subject. A must if you are into business.

Tom Wacker dot com by Tom Wacker. Tom have he's own way in presenting things. He wrote a lot and each of his post are filled with lots of great contents. I visit his blog many times a week, even if I'm not looking for a subject.

Seth's Blog by Seth Godin. Seth is working hard to write a post each day. Lot's of great stuff here.

Geri's thoughts by Geri Gerstner. Geri is working hard to make good post. And some of them are really good.

The Jon Olson Project by Jon Olson. This is the second blog by Jon. This one is more personal then the Hit Exchange News.

The Tim Linden Blog by Tim Linden. Tim talks about stuff from his business and what ever he want to. I like to read his blog.

Hit Exchange News by Jon Olson. Jon wrote some great post. Not very often, but really good in content.

I'm bringing nerdy back by Justin Ledvina. This blog is really good. Lot's of good stuff. But post are rare...

Force The Blog by Mike Allen's. Mike hasn't wrote a new post in more then a month. I miss his unique way to present idea. I miss your post Mike. :)

I read a lot of blog, but most of them are only advertising blog with no content.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Turtle... Power!

Slow and steady win the race...

Everyday is a tool for success. Remember that there is always someone to do better then you and take the next step to have success. If you get too cozy in your day to day habits, you end up behind all the ones who are doing much more then you.

You don't need to do 20 hours a day to have success. Less then 3 hours a day, everyday will take you where you want in the end. Each time you do the work, you take one more step in the right direction.

Don't jump one day. What ever happen, do something, even if it's only 15 minutes. You don't feel like doing something. Or you would like to have a day off. Ask yourself how much do you want to succeed?

When you see someone having success, remember how much work there's behind that.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ask the question...

You are the power behind your idea.

You get great idea coming to you at random moments and random places. You just need to be ready to write them down and work on them.

But, how do you ask for those good ideas? You just ask, that's it. There's nothing complicated in this. You just need to ask the right question.

Mike Michalowicz made a great post about this. 

It's better to take your time in choosing the good word for your questions then to do this as a dump. You'll get the answer, even if it's a cheap one you wanted. Take the time to ask the real question you want and you'll get the best answer you can get.

If you want to become an internet superstar, then as it directly like this. How can I become an internet superstar? And even better, you should add that you want to make it from where you are. How can I become an internet superstar with who I am right now? And if you go one step ahead. How can I become an internet superstar with who I am and what I have right now?

The more specific you are, the more specific will be the answer to what you want.

Leave it working...    give it the time to get back to you...   You never know when the idea will come to you. You have to be patient and grab it as it will come. Stay positive and believe in this great idea and it will come to you. And the last thing, if you get your great idea, start to work on it. There's always something you have to do.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Who are you?

People with people...

We don't associate with business, we associate ourselves with people. Yes, we all know the brand of large company. But have you noticed that every advertising from those big players have people in it. Smiling people associated with the product. You can't build a business without have someone taking the lead in branding the company.

Lot's of people on the internet are using drawing and things like that to brand themselves with their business. And that is just wrong. You can't become a business owner and stay hidden. You have to make a choice...  To be or not to be in business.

Advertising an affiliate link could bring you some success. But in the end, you would have made much more if you would have put yourself out there.

People join people, not business.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Face the wall...


"Don't become a victim of yourself. Forget about the thief waiting in the alley; what about the thief in your mind?" -- Jim Rohn
The main wall between you and your success....     it's you!

Jim Rohn said it well in that quotes. We worry too much about others bringing our business down. Our main problem is us. If we can face our problems and go ahead we'll succeed.

When things are not working as you would like, start to work on yourself. Become a better person and your business will go better.

Put as much time on yourself as you put on your business. Your business will grow with you.

There's no short cut to success. Just a lot of time and work. On yourself and on your business.

Monday, 24 June 2013

To be or not to be... branding


You don't need to brand yourself to make a living online. You don't need branding to make money online. That's the simple truth.

But if you brand yourself, people will start to join what you promote because you promote it. It wont come around at first. Some will take years to build their brand, others will take months. But when your brand is becoming known, you need to make it a safe one. What does that mean: "If you promote something, your better be sure that it's a good one. Your name is associated with it."

Give good advices when asked for. Don't lie. Just tell the truth. And don't push a sale if the questions was not about your business. If your answer was good, they'll come back to join your business later.

Build your brand all the time. Each post on your blog, each post in the chat, each splash pages, each email and each promo should be good. Don't stay in the common, move into the special and uncommon. Get yourself seen and read.

This is a big job. You'll need to invest a lot of time into it. But in the end, you'll brand will make you a living.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Heaven or Hell?

We choose how we see our universe.

It's a choice that we make and we have to take responsibility for it.

How do you see your universe? How do you react to what's coming to you?

I read a great post by Mike Michalowicz about this subject.

And he quote this...

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” – Albert Einstein

When you get lucky, are you someone who's looking around for the brick? Or are you enjoying the moment and share with others your good fortune?

One of the step in getting all that you want in life, is to learn to receive. Learn to enjoy what you get and share the goods things with others. But you need to learn to take what you get and enjoy it first.

In which universe did you really choose to live in?

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Using the hammer...

Comparing a business to another will never make bring someone into your team. If you want to convince someone to join your team, you should sell yourself. In reality, people are joining with you if they think you can help them make a buck. Don't waist your time in long technical comparison between your business and others. Instead, spend your time in presenting yourself to them and what you want to achieve with your business.

My business is better then yours fight will never bring anyone into your team...

In reality, most business online are good. It's all up to you to know how to build them and do the job. If you fail, don't blame the business.

OK, there's also the scam...    but those are easy to identify. If you don't feel good joining them, then it's mostly for a good reason. Your instinct can tell you a lot of things. And even if it's not a scam, if you don't feel good joining it, then you should not join it. Your feeling are telling you what's good or not for you. And you should follow them. Maybe it's not good for you to join that kind of business.

When you find a business that is feeling good for you, do something. If you want to build a house and that you have bough the best hammer in the market, if you don't start to hit some nails the house will never become a reality. If you leave the hammer on the floor and wait for the house to become a reality, then you are a fool and you should stay away from the business world.

Friday, 21 June 2013


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
– John Quincy Adams

This another great quote.

How many people do you inspire every day? If it's one, then you have done something good. If it's more, it's even better. When you want to inspire, you don't create barrier. What I mean, is that you welcome everyone and you do your best to inspire them. Like I read somewhere, earning a millions is within the reach of anyone, but it's not everyone who will do it. Don't make the choice of who will and who won't, they'll make that choice by themselves.

Dreaming...   Do you dream enough? For real, do you let yourself dream of what could become in your life. If you don't dream enough, you ain't gonna be the one to inspire others to dream.

Learn more...   Are you taking the time each day to learn something more. Keeping yourself on a positive track. You can listen to the same dvd each day if that dvd is inspiring you.

Do more...   I have been talking a lot about this. Nothing will ever work if you don't put the shoulder to the wheel and start to push. Simple, but it's the hard truth.

Become more...   This one is hard. I do my work everyday to learn, dream and do. But I can only hope that I become more. I have to face the people around me to know if I did any progress in this.

Leaders are all around us. Are you one? Do you want to become one? Are you ready to become one?

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Are you the type of people that are waiting to win the lottery to live the life they want?

Even if you would won the lottery, you have to be at the level needed to enjoy that money for real.

"It is hard to keep that which has not been obtained through personal development." -- Jim Rohn 
This is so true. You can't be a millionaire if you don't have the mindset to go with it. Short cut will not work. There's a lot of stories about people that have been making lots of money and lost it all because they weren't ready for it. Some will learn from their downfall and others will never go up to that level of money again.
Train yourself to be a millionaire and you shall become one. :)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Free beer tomorrow...

There's a pub in England with that sign over the bar. So simple, and so true. If you wait until tomorrow to start what you want today, then you'll never get it.

The only time that you have is today. Tomorrow does not exist and yesterday neither.

If you keep on saying I'll do, you'll end up doing nothing.

Start now! Because you only have this moment to do it.

Yes, you can't do it all right now, but you can still do some of it. And you'll keep on doing it if you start today.

It takes 27 days to create a habit. So if you want to achieve something in your life, you should start to create good habits right now. And keep building these goods habits for 27 days, after that it will go on almost on automatic.

¸The time that you didn't use will never come back. It's gone. And you can't do anything about it. It's too late.

Don't wast any more time thinking about what you should have done and focus on what you can today. Focus on today.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Move up

We all do the same. We give our future to someone else in hope that they'll bring it up as you want. Even the best intention leaders can't bring you what you want if you don't act on it yourself.

“You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own.” – Mark Victor Hansen

Don't follow a leader if he doesn't have your goal on his path. Set your goal and then if you cross path with someone who's going the same way, why do a part of the trip with him or her. You can associate yourself with others, as long as they're going the same way as you.

Choose wisely your friendship. They're the people who's going to influence your thinking. Your emotion are linked to the people that are around you. If you choose people that are happy most of the time, then it will help you to be happy most of the time. If you choose people that are positive most of the time, then it will help you to be positive most of the time. And the list goes on like that...

Don't choose your friends for the wrong reason. In the past, I chose to associate myself with people that were having more problem then me. I feeling good because I was saying to myself that I had a good life in comparison to them. But in reality, it stopped me from getting a better life. Associate yourself with people that are having a better life then yours. It will motivate you to move up.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Put it all in...

If you want to write a book, put all you got in it. Don't leave anything back.

If you give it all, people will make a pro in what you wrote. With all that you gave in your book, you know enough to be a great trainer in the subject. And you'll get request for one on one people and even group. A book is only the first step.

When you become a reference in what you wrote, you become book that people will recommend to friends.

Yes, some could find your book too filled with stuff and info. And some will not read it at all. But those that do, if they think that you did a great job, they'll bring everyone into thinking that it's a great book.

Giving it all is also a great way to feel good. You know you did the best job you could at that time.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


"All creation waits with eager longing for the revealing through the sons of man."
- From the Bible - Romans 8:19

Albert Einstein has this quotes burned on a corner of his desk. Creation is in you, its waiting for you to make it happen. You have the power to create.

All that potential is in you. Take action. Now!!!!

Are you among the peoples that have great ideas, but doing nothing about it because they're afraid.

"What is the worst thing that can happen?"
- Tom Wacker

Think about it like someone who needs your help. It can't become without you. If you don't help, it will die of not becoming. The creation is in you, it's all up to you to make it happens.

Take the first step and keep walking. :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Raving fans

From the blog of Mike Michalowicz:

"The formula to creating a community of raving fans is simple:

Over serve the best at the deliberate expense of the rest.

Only when you have the courage to do this, will you grow explosively."

Wow, this is something powerful and so short.

Are you game to do that?

I always do my best to give it all and even more. I don't see how you can have a business and not giving your best to your customers.

I found out with time that we can all do more then we are use to. We can all do something better with each clients we have. It's all up to us to be willing to do it.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A free book

Things can become very different with the help of one book. Many peoples have read it and changed their life. You can too.

You can buy it here or get it for free here. It's all up to you. :)

Books can have great effect on your life. You only need to go on with some action after you read the book. Reading the book with no action is not going to bring you anything at all.

I was thinking about giving books to my friends. Doing this with the best one I read. Yes, maybe some will take it and never read it, but the ones who will take the time to read them, it could become a sparkle that will change their life.

Do you want changes in your life?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Better team

What could be done to make team building better?

I have a few ideas that could help those type of building tools.

- Set promo reward in direct relation with the work done by the member. Something like Explosive Traffic. You get back the promo of your link in the team promo from what you are promoting yourself. I don't know why someone who's promoting 1000 hits per week should get the same promo as someone who's generating 100 000 hits per week.

- If you want to give something to the team as a leader, you should reinvest 75% of what you get into the advertising of the team. And I know that most leaders in those teams don't do that.

- A team should be fully automated. Nothing should rely on the life and death of one person. Even if that person is working her ass out.

- Never add new stuff to join when you already have something good going on. When you add a new program into the team promo, you let everyone know that you gave up on the main program and that you want to max out on the team with another one. It's one of the way to break a team.

Maybe I'll set up my own team and make it better then what is out there right now.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Jumping business people...

When someone try a business. When you join and just don't give it enough time to bring result before you go for something else. I was doing just that.

Joining a program, investing some money and start to promote. But after some times, you end up thinking that it's not good enough and you join something else.

That's jumping...

If you don't broke that pattern, you'll end up with nothing. You'll loose all hope in building your business and you'll give up on it.

Usually, you need at least 2 months to see if something can work for you. And you need to promote like crazy to get any result.

A little more then a year ago, I joined Team Atlantis. I gave it 16 months to prove that it was working. And it never go to the point of me making any money. In reality, I think that those team are way too slow to really work. With 2000 hits per week from each member, it's too hard to find new motivated people. The minimum should be 10 000 hits per week. And those that are not promoting the team should not benefit from the team result. But it's not like that, the ones that are already making money just stop to promote. That's leaving a lot of dead meat for the team to feed. To work, team should be fully automated. The ones who brings the advertising should be the one earning the most. And the ones sitting on their but should be left out. I never found any team that would work like that.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Writers blank block

When you want to write, you need to set up some goals and habits to do the right things everyday. The top writer are doing it everyday. Most don't even take a day off. They write even if they don't feel like it.

The fear of the blank page. I do have it from time to time. I face my computer and nothing seams to come out. To fight this, I have a list of subject by my computer. I add new stuff as soon as I get idea on that list. Most of my post come from that list. Sometimes it's a quotes, other times it's a subject that I think I should talk about. My list is moving, because each time I use a subject I remove it from the list.

I also like to read others blog. There's a lot of good blog around the net. I just choose to read some of them that are inspiring me. And then, I write my own post about the same or near subject.

You can also find some good tips in those web sites...

Beat the blank page syndrome

Write to done

The Terror of the blank page

In reality, writing everyday is hard. And you should keep on fighting your blank page so you end up writing everyday. In the end, you'll write good stuff and some other not so good. It doesn't matter. The good stuff will always be what will stand out. And the not so good ones, will be left behind.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Do you know that we're creature of habits? We tend to do the same things the same way on and on.

If we have a bad habit, we'll keep on doing it even if we know it's bad. We'll create the reason to keep doing it. We even end up thinking our bad habits are good ones. And if we want to create a new good habits (or a bad one) we only need 27 days.

Yes, if we keep on doing it everyday for 27 days, it will become an habits.

How about creating a good habits? And how about removing a bad one?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Triple or not

Never screw me twice...

I'm gonna tell you a little story. A few month ago, I was surfing on a TE when I saw a post from the owner in the chat announcing that he would triple any buy of credits in the next hour. The time stamp on the post was 10 minutes before. So I went to the buy credits of that TE, bought a packages and put a message in the chat that I took the deal (my message was 15 minutes after the one from the owner). The owner responded that he was going to take care of it and it was ok with me. I got the basic amount of credits right away. The next day, I still didn't see the triple credits in my account, so I wrote a ticket to the admin. Then I got a double credits in my account. I know what is double and what is triple. So I wrote another ticket to the admin. And I got banners and text credits. But no triple credits. 

How do you think I felt in that? I felt screwed. I paid for triple and got double. Banners and text credits are not worth as much as basic credits so it's never gonna replace them.

Do you think that I'll make any business with that owner? NO, never. Screw me once, it's an error. Screw me twice, I'm the error.

All that for a little $5 worth of credits. That's what he save.

Doing stuff like that, how much time do you think he's going to be in business? Not long...

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Follow the leader

"If you can't follow yourself, why would anybody follow you?" J. C. Maxwell

Another great quotes by J. C. Maxwell. Before you ask people to follow you, you need to be good enough for you first. You need to be willing to follow you. And this means, really follow you. Don't lie to yourself, you'll know it's a lie. :)

Be a great leader for you and you'll meet people that will be willing to follow that great leader.

Stop thinking that you can hide behind the digital net and fool people with all your lies. You can't hide the scam you're in. It will be known and you'll be identified as a piece of junk. Scam is just that, pieces of junk.

And if you think that you can hide behind false identity, one way or another, you'll get what you deserve.

Be true, be a great leader, start with yourself.

Be more and you'll get more.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Who are you?

Personal branding...

You need to brand yourself. It's so powerful that some people are recruiting with their branding only. Anything they promote will bring new referral because people trust them.

You can do this with a pic of you or anything that you like. But a pic of you smiling is the best tools to build a positive reputation.

In the end, it's all about reputation...   When your reputation is established, you'll become a reference and people will join under you because of it.

Laws to build a good reputation:

- Promote all the time and everywhere. You need to bee out there so people will see that you are still active.

- Stick to the stuff you promote. There's nothing more damaging then a jumping promoter. If you promote SFI, then keep promoting it. The longer you'll promote it, the better your brand will be associated with it.

- Create new splash about what you are already promoting. This is a way to entertain people and build your brand.

- Make things interesting. Don't hesitate to promote yourself before the program you're in. Create an interesting brand.

- Don't follow others. Do your best to brand yourself with something out of the ordinary.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Goal for June

At the beginning of the month of May, I said I would write a post each day until the end of the month. I failed, I only wrote 28 days out of the 31 in that month. I'm going to do better this month. :)

Do you set goals when you start a new month? A new week? A new day?

Are you afraid that if you set goal, you ain't going to complete them? If so, don't worry, you're not alone. Most people will settle for small goal because they don't want to fail. Me, I'm only starting to set goal. I was among the people who didn't took time to do it. I was going with the flow. Hoping that things would go right if I would only work hard.

Yes, working hard is a good thing. But with no goal, it's like swimming with only one arm, you end up moving in a circle.

We're in the third day of this month. Why not take 5 minutes to write a goal for this month. Start with that. Keep that writing somewhere close so you'll have the opportunity to see it many times during the month. And, at the end of the month, get back to it and see how you have done.

For me, 28 days out of 31 is very good. :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Who's your master?

Become your master.

As Mike said, Become a student of yourself in his post.

A lot of people asked him what was the secret of success. And that's what he found.

Why, because most of us already know what to do, but we just don't.

You need the will to become the master. You need the drive to face your fear and continue. This isn't easy, like most would think. It's hard and most will stop before taking action.

Success is the result of hard work and consistence. Success is when you get up after you fall down. Success is to keep going even if you haven't got any good results. Success is just to do it and keep doing it. To become a master, you need to "Do the Do".

I'm not the first to tell you this. You already know all that.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Blog or no Blog

In reality, having a blog is not something for everyone. Sorry, but if you need someone else to write your post, it's a very good clue that you're not fit to have one.

If you pay someone else to take care of your blog, then you should invest your money somewhere else.

I see so many blog with one or two post. Others with a post 6 months ago. And others with one post full of banners.

Please, you must understand that having a blog is a responsibility. You need to feed it if you want it to grow. You need to take care of it if you don't want it to die of starvation.

Save a blog today!

And if you think that you can wrote a minimum of 3 post per week, then do it.

If you keep writing and learning. You'll end up with a blog that will help people on the web. There's a need for good blog on the web. Just do it!