Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Looking thru a filter

How do you see the world?

Are you looking at the world thru the filter of the news media?

The news media is presenting a vision of the reality. They filter the reality and show you what they choose. Yes, they’ll say that it’s what you want to see. But, as they all show the same kind of filtering vision, you end up with nothing else then that filtered information.

I know that the media will tell you one side of the story. I know because I’ve been working 13 years for a first line emergency services. What you get with the news is just what they want to share with you. They choose what you need to know. They don’t tell lies, they only place aside some of the facts.

You choose to let the junk inside your mind.

The news choose what they tell you and you choose to listen to it.

When you let negative energy into your mind, it can only bring negative though and negative return in the end.

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