Friday, 11 September 2015

Are you a proud marketer?

Being proud of your product!

In most salesman training, they always talk about being excited about the product you want to sell. You have to be proud of it to sell it. Without this relation with your product, you can’t be as good as you can be.

What if the product that you sell is you?
When you sell yourself, how much credibility can you have?
Your credibility is directly linked to how much confidence you have in yourself.

Let’s talk about selling you:
-         Your self-confidence is the basic to find the credibility you need to sell anything.
-         When you sell something, you have to feel good about it. So, when you sell yourself you need to feel good about you. Without the feeling good there’s no way you can sell yourself.
-         You can lie to others. But, in the end everything finds its way to the truth. So, being sincere with your selling pitch is the basic to build a long lasting relation with others.
-         You can’t lie to yourself. So, you need to be true to yourself. Acknowledge the good things you do and know what you need to do better.

Building a relation with your client for the long term will help you create a continuous income that will keep coming in for years. People don’t buy because it looks good, they buy because you say it’s good. Build the trust and you build your income for many years to come.

Don’t sell something you haven’t tried yourself before.

If you’re not proud of your product, work on finding something to be proud in it. If you really want to find it, you’ll do. There’s always something good you can say about anything. Nothing is all bad.

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