Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Imagine,  you've  come  up  with  an incredible  concept  for  a  new  business  or  product.  This amazing idea will absolutely change the world and make you immensely happy. In fact, this idea has the potential to make you a gazillion dollars and create world peace. You are clearly inspired. You could care less that the economy is turbulent. You set a huge goal. You cannot sleep that night because you are so excited. You finally peel yourself off the ceiling and get a couple hours of sleep. You wake up in the morning and you love the idea even more than you did the night before. And then, about an hour or so later, you ask yourself a question. You ask the question. You ask the question that crushes more intentions than any other. 

You ask, ― How am I going to do it?
You ask ―how and then, all of a sudden, what happens? It all starts to fall apart, doesn't it? You have this great idea — this  great  intention— and  all  of  a  sudden,  you  start wondering,  ― How  the  hell  am  I  going  to  do  that? Getting stuck in the "how" will always kill good intentions.

The antidote to this kind of stuckness is another equation: 

Intention = Results

If  you  want  to  get  out  of  your  head,  just  refocus  your thoughts on what  you want. 

Let go of how your outcome is going to occur, and focus on the results you desire knowing that your intention equals your results.

One of the most powerful thoughts I can share with you is  that when you decide what  you want,  it has  to manifest, but  it  can only  manifest  at  the  level  of  your  belief.  

You  have  the  power  to create,  attract,  and manifest  anything  that  you want  in  your life.  I firmly believe that you are that powerful. When you decide what you want, it will start coming to you.

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