Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Emotion drive

Don’t underestimate the power of emotion. When emotions are involved everything you do is more powerful. For good or bad, it will change your life.

When you invest yourself into building your dream, you invest your emotion and your passion into that dream. This will bring a lot more energy and power to your action. But if you start to rage about the lack of result, that emotion will destroy all you invested before into building that dream. You are your worst enemy.

“Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.”
-         T. S. Eliot

Do you invest yourself into building your dream? Do you want it bad enough? Do you let negative energy destroy what you have already done?

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”
-         Napoleon Hill

When you want something really bad, you invest a lot of energy into getting it. But if you start to doubt you’ll get it, then you are moving into a destructive direction. Doubt will destroy all the work you have done before.

Doubts are hard to overcome. One thing you can do that will help is to focus on the dream and how happy you will be when you’ll get there. Attach real feeling to that dream and you’ll have more power to overcome doubts.

There’s no easy way. You’ll have to work on your motivation to keep going on.

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