Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Action Rules!

We have influence in our life and the life of others. With or without putting our will into it.

We are exposed to an average of 5000 ads every day. Those ads are influencing us in our choices. If you could choose the ones you want instead of the ones they want, maybe you could change the way you make your choices.

There’s 3 main level of influence you can generate:

-         Thought: You generate an enormous amount of thought in a day. Some of them are oriented and others are less oriented. Your mind will use the highway instead of building new ones. What it means, the thought that you have been using on and on will come back easily. To change those, you have to put some will into it. You can build new connection in your brain and choose to let go of old thought for new ones. Your thought are influencing your life and the life of others.
-         Speak: When you speak you give more energy to the thought you send in the air. When you will yourself to change your thought, you will also find out that it will change what you say.
-         Action: Actions are the top level of influence. Actions are like throwing a rock in a puddle of water. You don’t have any control on the influence it will have all around. Things will happen in relation with your action without you knowing about it.

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