Friday, 11 July 2014

Got Time?

Is it the right time?

Do you really need me to tell you this?

There’s no tomorrow. You only have right now.

Stop putting stuff for later. Stop making excuses for not doing what needs to be done right now. Yes, you have to make priorities, but you also need to take responsibilities for choosing those priorities.

If you choose the wrong ones, then you have to know it and understand that you can’t come back and change what you haven’t done.

You can do what you haven’t done right now. But it will never replace the fact that you didn’t before. And the result could be very different for that reason.

When you choose to put something for tomorrow, you give the opportunity to someone else to take action and grab the profit in that action before you.

You’re never alone in planning anything. There’s always someone else who is getting that same idea. The only fact that you got that idea has generated the energy needed to get it to someone else. And when you get an idea, it doesn’t mean that you’re the first to get it. There could someone else with the same idea working to make it work.

So, when you get an idea. Don’t wait, go for it; or not.

If you wait, then you will build a sentiment of guilt because you haven’t been starting from the first moment it came to you.

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