Monday, 7 July 2014

Want to get a Traffic Exchange?

Let's say that you would like to own a traffic exchange.

Ok, you started the program and got people to join it. The things is not working as much as you would like. There's not enough credits moving, so people are not surfing at all. What should you do?

First, you'll have to surf your program. Yes, actually surf your program to get some credits moving around. Never add credits manually to your account in your program. You have to earn your credits as everyone else. And you'll also learn if your ratio of credits is good or not. Are you getting too much credits for what you surf.

Then, you have to promote your program and get more people to join in and surf. When I say promote, I mean only promote that program. You don't promote anything else then your program.

As the owner of the te, you can put all the ads that you want for free (if you choose to). So, every time you spend a credit outside of your te to promote another te, then you're wasting those credits for someone else business. If you don't promote your te, who will.

To get affiliate in your te that will promote it, they have to think that you really care about your te and that it will be around for more then a few month.

If you don't promote your te, then why should I promote it for you.

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