Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Your brand...

That subject is really trendy right now. The fact is, it has been around for quite a long time. And nothing very different has been added to it.

Not everyone knows how to build it wisely.

A branding is something personal. You have to make it so personal that when someone sees or ears the branding, they automatically have a sensory flash about your business. It can seems easy, but it's hard. Very hard to build a brand. Most people will forget what is too much like everything around it. It blends into the mass and is easily forgotten.

First, you need something visual. A logo or a pic of you. Getting your logo done by a pro is a good idea. If you use a pic of you, please choose one on which you are smiling (for real). Do you know that when there's an election, lots of people are voting only by looking at the pictures. It's the same with everything in life. If you are smiling for real, it will show and people will choose you before the serious ones.

To Build a brand is to make choices. To go out there and do something that you don't usually do and to do it your way. Let me explain this.

To build your brand you have to be there. And you have to be there as often as you can so people will see your brand as often as possible. When I say there, I mean in front of people. What ever you choose to use as your tool to promote, you need to make it in front of people. The more they will see your brand, the better chances you have that they will remember it. If you can be creative and do something different, you'll have a much better chance to make it stick.

In the end, what matters is that your brand stick to the mind of people. It has to be something that they can't ignore. For good or bad, it has to shake something into them.

I have seen a comment on sweeva yesterday. Someone was complaining about the video of Kore4. That person was saying the he just can't stand that video anymore. For good or bad, he was touch to the point that he couldn't ignore it anymore. That's good branding. :)


Kathy Clouse said...

Makes sense what you say, we seem to "know" the person by their branding even though we never met. Good blog

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot for the great comment Kathy. :)