Monday, 2 February 2015

Blog story!

Having a blog is not a walk in the park. You have to be ready to give more then just a piece of yourself. Having a blog is being ready to open your heart and put it into words.

“Never give up. And most importantly, be true to yourself. Write from your heart, in your own voice, and about what you believe in.”
 - Louise Brown

Don’t treat your blog as an advertising platform. It can provide advertising, but it must have content before you put any ads in there. With a blog, content isn't about fact, it’s about the words that you wrote. Yes, it’s simple, wrote what you think about. Put your soul in each and every post.

“I think there's plenty of room for blogs that exist to pay the blogger, or blogs that exist to turn a profit. That's just not the kind of blog I'm writing, and I'm not the kind of blogger that could do that.”
 - Seth Godin

Earning from a blog can be done, but if you write a blog to earn a living then you’ll have to find a way to be creative and promote it all around. You have to become a reference in what you write and talk about.

“I'm not sure blogs are necessarily the best place to get a pulse on anything. People want to blog for a variety of reasons, and that may or may not be representative.”
 - Steve Ballmer

When you want to get a pulse on a subject, you have to take in as many sources as you can about it. Representative or not, each blog talking about the subject you’re interested in can bring you useful information.

Myself, I like to write timeless info. I like to write without any time label. I like to write without any direct link to what is happening in the world at that moment. I like to write about a subject in a way that would be interesting in 5 or 10 years from the moment of post.

No one can become successful with a boring blog. You have to deliver good stuff if you ever want to have any success with your blog. You can fool people with one or two post, but in the long term you’ll have to prove your creativity. Don’t believe that you can hide behind some pre-created post and build an audience.

Build your blog with your own stuff. Don’t pay someone else to write your post.

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