Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Success in action

We all want a successful business. On line or off line.
If I can give you one tip on how to build a business, "Take action".
Some will say: “Hey, I take action and I don’t get the results! Why would I keep taking action if I don’t get what I want?”
-       To that I will say this: “If you stop taking action and wait to see the result, you will never get what you expect.”
And the reason why…   As you stop taking action, you destroy any progress you did make with the previous action you took. And doing so, you don’t get half as much as you expected.
Yes, you need to look at your results, but you need to do this while you keep taking action. Never stop! If your results are not what you want, adjust your action to get better results.
“There is no failure except in no longer trying.”
- Albert Einstein  
The best way to fail all the time is to take no action at all.
You want result; you need to take the shot.
“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”
- Wayne Gretzky
Some will say: “Hey, I don’t know what to do? I don’t know how to start my own business! Can you show me the way?”
-       To that I will say this: “There’s a lot of ways to start a business. There’s as many ways as there’s people on the planet. And maybe even more… Whatever I can give you will never be perfect. You have to make it your own. That way, it will be perfect for you. I’ll give you one suggestion. A business that will show you how to build itself in 30 days. Simple and efficient if you can keep it going on for 30 days.”
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Thanks to Nick Grimshawe.


Tom Wacker said...

Great post Serge!

Serge is one of the really good bloggers in our industry and you can see an example above! He gets right to the point and doesn't put a lot of air in what he has to say.

Thanks Serge!

Nick Grimshawe said...

Well Said Serge. I love the quotes they are suited perfectly to the flow of your words. And you are correct to say there are as many ways to create a business as there are people on this planet.

Love Tom's comment and agree.


margur2000 said...

It looks like all of us are thinking the same thing, Serge.

The quotes that you picked are a perfect accompaniment to your message.

Well done.

Adrian Gurgui said...

To the point article Serge! But why are we so big on quotes? Because someone who's at the top of the game in his field of expertise started sharing his knowledge, his wisdom, his experiences to help others. And when they talk, people listen - and hopefully take action!

Keith Butterworth said...

Whatever steps we want to make in life there is always someone who has been before....we might want to do it differently but we can always learn from those who want to share.

Diana Grinyer said...

Thank you for sharing. Quotations are useful
for jogging the brain or expressing an idea
succinctly. People use quotes for many reasons.

Gary Calvert II said...

Nice post, and nice quotes. And that's right, when we quit, that's when we fail. Also restarting after quitting takes us back to step 1 all over again.