Thursday, 5 September 2013


There's nothing else I can say to this. :)

Well, this is not true. I do have something to say.

Dreams are made with our capacity to imagine what could be. Some of us have a lot of creativity and some don't have as much. It doesn't matter. Your dreams are for you. You should not share them with others, keep them to yourself. Talking about your dream with other can become dangerous. A lot of people will find so many reason against your dream that you'll end up giving them up. If you keep them to yourself, you can work on them with all your heart without others working against you directly.

Most people will find reason against you reaching your dream, it's not because they want to bring you down, they think that you should not take any risk. Because risk means danger. They also think that if you reach your dream, you'll show them that you're better then them. They don't want you to be better. They want you to stay at their level.

One more thing, a lot of people can't dream big dream. Just the idea of having success is hard for them, because they have lived so many failure. They see failure in everything they do. When they have a success, they don't celebrate, they get ready for the next failure.

It's OK to start small. Go on and dream a small dream that you think you can reach. :)

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