Wednesday, 18 September 2013


This week-end, I was in an hospital for a Bariatric Surgery. I was sharing a room with someone. That person told me that it was very difficult for him to talk about the surgery. In some way, everyone who's taking that surgery see that as a failure. A big statement that we just couldn't take care of our feeding habits. Yes, it's a failure, like any other failure we have to understand from it and go on. 

Being stuck in feeling bad about a failure will bring even more failure. You have to let go and move on.

I found out that I was moving on with my life faster then he was. Even after the surgery, he was still feeling really bad about it. At that moment, I didn't had the right word to help him. Just hope that he will find his way to move on.

We all fail at one time or another. It's OK to fail, when you learn from it and move on. 

Keep walking toward the better world in front of you. Don't look back, you can't change the past.


Tom Wacker said...

Thanks for sharing that, Serge! One of my coffee buddies is 2+ years into it, successfully! It's a big plus in his life, as I'm sure it will be in yours!

Hope your recovery is smooth, and thanks for a great post!!

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot Tom. I'm happy to be back. :)