Monday, 29 June 2015


If you want something to become great, then focus on promoting it. If you split your promo with others stuff, then you show everyone that you don't believe in it. Why would others believe it?

Sometimes, people whine about the low result they get. To get result, you have to focus. Yes, it’s that simple. Put all your energy into that one things you want to accomplish.

I get angry when I find out about people that are promoting 4 to 5 different stuff, and think that it’s ok to do so. Then they complain about the low result they get.

First, don’t complain. It’s never going to get you anywhere. 

Second, you have to choose what you really want to do first. And when you choose, then work on it. Work on it for a long time. Not for one day or one week, not even one month, but at least 12 months.

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