Saturday, 12 October 2013

Do you know your market?

Importing and using...

Does something working out there in another country will work here too? You can't know until you do some test and research. In music, you can have a great success in one country and nothing just outside of there. You need to understand the people before you can start to market.

Do you know your market? Do you know enough to start a business tomorrow? Are you the kind of person to open a sandwich shop before you know how to make good sandwich?

Some people are using this research to keep pushing away the opening of their business. Don't be among those. Knowing your market is very good, but you should not spend too much time on it. You only need to know if there's people out there that would buy you product. That's it. Then you should start to offer your product to them.

You could do that job yourself, or you could hire someone to do it. It's all about you and how much you can spend on this research.

Every business have to start with the first customer.

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