Thursday, 31 October 2013

Slow business...

I'm facing a problem...

I joined and promoted a program in which I did have a lot of faith. But, some improvement are pressing and I wonder if I'm the only one seeing it. What should I do? I could contact the owner and do my best to explain what I think the program could become. Yes, that would be the first step I think.

When you have a lot of program to run, maybe you end up leave some of them without much improvement. Yes, maybe it's the case here.

When I came up to that program, I was thinking of making something like it. So I gave up my plan and joined this one that was what I wanted. But, in the last two month things has become really slow. I have a nice downline, but none of them are active. The program really need improvement.

I'll do my best and hop that something good will happen in a near future.

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