Sunday, 27 October 2013


Keep it simple...

Too many times, people will try to prepare for everything before they start a business. As it is impossible, they end up never ready to start it. Preparation is good, it's needed before you start a business. But it should never become an obstacle to the first step of your project.

It's better to start and adjust then to never start.

Keep it simple. Yes, you should keep the preparation simple. Don't try to prevent all the problem, because they may never come. It's better to go and work hard to keep it running.

Keep it simple with how your business work. When Mc Donalds started, they had this idea of making it simple. An Hamburger, a French Fries and a coke. Really simple and it did work.

Why don't you try to make it simple to start. If the need to make it more open come later then you'll adjust or not. Simple also means "Cheap". Yes, the simple it is, the better your price will be.

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