Sunday, 13 October 2013

Be what you want!

Tom Wacker did a great post yesterday. You should take a look at it. :)

I have been saying many times here, you are who you makes yourself to be. Nothing outside has the last word about who you are. The only influence that ends it all is your influence about you.

Stop searching for a source outside. If you fail, it's your fault. Yes, maybe there's some influence from outside, but in the end you are always the main reason. You end up choosing to follow or not.

There's too many people following the trend. They don't have much success because they always join too late. That's what they say, but in reality they never really commit to any project. So they never really get to the point that they work hard on anything. They don't feel it's their own project, so they jump out when they think there's something better out of it.

I have been like that for so many years. Sometimes, I get back to that mentality. I have to fight to stay away from the new stuff. The new things everyone are promoting. I have to stay focus and keep to my plan.

Are you a jumping business builder?

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