Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Sales Pitch

This is my first post on this blog. I use to write on another one in French (I was sharing some stories that I wrote). This is my first in English.

I would like this one to be an all in one blog. I'll talk about what comes to my mind in many subjects.

The first post will be about "The sales pitch".

Usually, when you do a pitch it's because you have something to sell. That's not true, we all do sales pitch. In fact, when you post a picture of your new car on your Facebook, then you are promoting that company and the model of that car. When you bring friends to a restaurant because you think it's the greatest one in town, you're doing a pitch for that restaurant.

We all do that without getting anything in return. So why do we feel so bad when we do a pitch on a product that is paying us? Because, we think that it's wrong. It's not wrong! Wake-up, as long as you really think that the product is great and that your client is getting a good value for their money, then you should be proud to pitch.

When can you tell you're at easy to pitch your product? When you can pitch it anywhere, anytime and to anyone. This is the hard part. Most of us on the internet are use to pitch to others on the internet, but when it comes to people that are not on the internet, it just don't work. Why is that? Because you choose to separate the internet and your daily life. You could do this because you think that people that are not on the internet can't understand what it is all about. Maybe it's because you're scare of what they would say. And it can also be that your product is a piece of junk. For those who sell junk, on line or off line. You can't get away with it, someday it will get back to you and you'll end up being the one to get the junk.

How many of you have made it clear to your family and friends that you were building a business on the internet? How many of you would have the guts to put a large tag on their car with the "www" address of their business?

Think about it. Are you really into building a business or are you only playing on the internet?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this post.


stevesam said...

How true, we should be proud of our businesses,whatever they might be. We do believe
in our hopes and dreams for others,right?
Steve Sam.

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot for the comment Steve. Yes, most people are proud of their business on the net, but when they're outside they get nervous about it.

Mrbillionx said...

There are so many that are confused and going in circles - it takes more than being told what to do - you need to focus on what you really have a passion for doing. Then you can be proud to say you have a business on the internet. Most already know they are playing around lost in the open playground of sites and trying to make spare change and not real income.. Too many mind games and so called " experts " but no one is coming to the rescue to tell people what really has to be done these days. so the cycle continues....

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot for the comment. For a lot of people, they're going in circle as you said. They're far from telling anyone that they have a business on the internet. But there's a lot of people who claim to know what they're doing and are still hiding what they're doing on the internet to their family.

Some even hide on the internet who they really are.