Saturday, 20 April 2013

Are you ready to "Do the Do"?

What is your driving goal? You should have something clear in mind. The best would be to put it on the wall. On as many walls as you can so you'll always have it in your faces.

Why should you be clear about it? Because, the more you're clear, the more you'll know why you're working to get it. The more you have it in your face, the more you'll see all the time you're wasting not working to reach that goal. Set your goal on the wall just up over your television. Then try to listen to 6 hours of tv without feeling guilty.

Your goal is your drive. Your drive to make it happen.

Nothing happen without the work that goes with it. And you'll need a lot of drive to "Do the Do". This is how I name the job that needs to be done to get there. To get to where I want to be.

Are you ready to "Do the Do"?

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