Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to Multiply yourself

Multiply your work time

You can do so much work by yourself. Selling your time for money has a limit.

Most people don’t want to enter the world of business because they think it’s too much trouble. They want the simple life of letting someone else taking all the risk.

You’re not one of those people. You're reading this.

So, how can you make more money with the time you have?

By using the concept of leverage.

One of the best example is the big yellow M. At first, there was one restaurant, and then they multiplied their income without changing the concept. They helped others becoming rich, and in the process they become rich.

Today, you know how successful they are, but when they started they had to convince a lot of people that it was a great idea.

The top businesses on the internet are using the concept of leverage.

You’ll create leverage by finding people that are motivated to create a second income. And help them building that second income. As they become successful, so will you.

You bring two things on the table for your new associate.

- You’ll provide the opportunity.
- You’ll provide the support.

When someone starts a new business, they’ll find themselves in front of the critics of all their families and friends. And most will quit if they don’t have the support needed to stay focused on their goal. This is where your support is mostly needed. Helping your associate to stay focuses on their goal and dream.

Your associate will not work for you, they’ll work for themselves. You’ll benefit from their success and they’ll benefit from your support. At some extent, you’ll work for them. 

In time, you’ll end up with a team of associate as motivated as you and the money will flow in.

You can still make a lot of money alone, but with a motivated team there’s no limit.

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