Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Are you taking action?

When a sparkle hit you.

We all get those strange idea coming at random moments. At first, we think it's a great idea and our first reaction is to want to act on that idea. But most won't do anything. Not because the idea isn't good but because we're scare of acting on it.

Then we create some very good reason to not doing it. And as time goes by, we end up thinking it was a stupid idea. Sooner or later, we come across our idea or something close to it that has been developed by someone else. And we ask our self “What if?”.

“Money like speed.”
  • Joe Vitale

I like this quotes from Joe. It's all about the sparkle. It you act on it or not is all about your fear. If it's not you that is taking action, then it'll be someone else.

Will you let someone else having success with an idea that you got?

And I'm not talking about someone steeling the idea from another. If you can think about it, someone else can too. So you can't never know if you're the first one to have that idea. And if you don't act, you can't never know if someone else did or will until it's too late.

When you take action, you never know if you'll succeed or not. But if you don't take action, you're sure to fail.

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