Saturday, 13 April 2013

How much traffic do you get?

Serious seller or not?

Don't deny the fact, if you're an affiliate to a product, you're selling that product. So you're a seller. Most of us don't have a product to sell, we only sell the product of someone else and make money with our commissions.

It's ok to do so. I do it myself.

If you're only trying to sell, then you should find yourself a job. You'll never make money if you only try to make a sell. You have to give it all and make the sales. It's only a little part of the internet affiliate that are really making money. They give their best to make it. In fact, they give more then anyone to get to the top.

The top promoter on most of the large marketing program are also the ones who makes money. The more you are out there and the more you'll earn.

Even if what you're selling is junk, you'll find buyers if you get enough people to see your ad.

Then, when you have the traffic, it's all about the quality of your ad, the quality of the product, your personal branding and the quality of the people that you bring to your ad.

The first step is to promote everyday. Even if it's an hour, it's an hour more to your advertising. You have to realize that the top are investing much more then just one hour. If you want to be among them, then you'll have to do much more.

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