Friday, 26 April 2013

The breaking point

When you reach the breaking point, it's there that you separate yourself from the majority business owner. When you reach that point, you'll have to choose to change things or quit. Most will quit, because they think that it's the best things to do.

When you reach a breaking point, it means that you haven't been open enough to what's happening in your business to see it coming. And if you did see it coming, then you didn't take action to change what need to be change.

Sometimes, you see that it's not working, but you don't see what you should change. There's no shame in asking someone else what he think about your business and what you should do to make it better. Always choose someone that is inspiring your with his or her success. Never go to someone that has no idea how a business should go. The best would be to have a partner that has something to get if your business grow. That person would have something to gain from your success. Even if it's only 1% of the money you'll make, with an healthy business.

Stay away from people that have nothing to loose by giving you their opinion. And more, when they have something to gain from your failure.

The breaking point should never be the end of your business. It should be a step into making it better.

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