Saturday, 7 June 2014


What does it mean to advertise?

You have a business and you want customers to buy your product. You need to let know your entire potential customer that you have a product to sell. To let them know, you’ll need to advertise your product.

At first, it’s quite simple to understand. But in reality, it can become quite hard to advertise.

To make as much money as you can, you want to advertise to the positive customer that will buy your product. You don’t want to waste time and money with those who don’t.

It’s all about knowing the customer personality that will buy your product. When you know who they are, then you can focus your advertising on them.

The best advertising is the one that brings a lot of sales compare to the number of viewers.

As an example, banner advertising usually bring one click per 10 000 views. This means that you need to show your banner 10 000 times before someone click on it. This doesn’t mean that you sold to that person; it only means that they visited your business clicking on that link.

You should focus your advertising where your potential customer should be. If your advertising is well made, it should bring sales into your business.

We all know about the break pub on TV. They bombard us with those until we start to think like they want and buy their product. It’s mostly the same with any advertising. You have to make it large and intense. More is better when you want to convince anyone to buy your product. The more your ad is seen, the more people will answer it and buy your product. I can take up to 15 times for a customer before he answers your ad. So, show them again and again.

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