Sunday, 29 June 2014

Will you Crush it!

Gary Vaynerchuk shared the secret to his success in his book « Crush it! ».

1 – Love your family
2 – Work super hard
3 – Live your passion

I’m not going to give you more here. You’ll need to get that book and read it.

I’ll talk about what I think about those three rules he’s been living by. They all resume to one thing; “Love”.

If you do everything with love, you’ll have an happy life.

As Gary, I believe that your family should be your priority. In the family, I include close friends. This is the core of your social life. If you treat your core with love and care, you’ll have a strong base on witch you can build your business.

Working hard is something that a lot of people underestimate. A lot of us are thinking like a worker. We have to change that mindset to one of business owner.

Worker and business owner are very different.

Workers are selling time for money.

Workers are giving away their creativity for a price without any way to earn from it anymore.

Workers are thinking they are better to waste time on the job because they get paid anyway for it. And the list goes on like that for Worker.

For business owner, it’s quite different.

Business owner think about the future.

Business owner work very hard without any return when they start.

Business owner are using every minutes of their time to do as much as they can.

Business owner are using their creativity and some of others (workers) to build their business.

Business owner are ready to make a lot of sacrifice for their success.

And the last rule of Gary is “Live your passion”. Yes, if you want to build a business, it’s a lot easier if you build it around one of your passion. Passion will make the hard a little less hard. Passion will make the hours slip away fast. Passion will get you up in the morning with a burning fire to start your day. Passion will keep you up at night.

You need to read that book.
« Crush it! » 


Unknown said...

Great post, great review of a great book, Serge!

I'm a happy guy!!

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot for the comment. Happy guy! :)