Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Great Sponsor!

What is a great sponsor?

I would say that you can compare this to almost any relationship. It’s a relationship between two people.

The sponsor has his responsibility, but the affiliate also has his responsibility. Let’s look at this for a moment.

1. The sponsor has to be active. This means that he’s actively working to build his business. Inactive sponsor won’t have the experience to help you go over the problem that you will face as an affiliate.

The affiliate has to be active too. Your sponsor will not build your business for you. He can help, but you have to do what needs to be done. An inactive affiliate is a waste of time and energy for a sponsor.

2. The sponsor must be open minded and creative. Open minded people are constantly searching for new way to expand the business. Creative sponsor will build tools to help their affiliate.

The affiliate has to be open minded and creative. Creativity is contagious, the more creative the affiliate will be, the more creative his sponsor will become. He’s becoming a motivation for his sponsor to better himself. Open minded affiliate will try everything before rejecting it.

3. The sponsor has to grow in his personality of sponsor (leader) to become a better one. He has to keep on learning. He has to be willing to take time during his day to learn all he can about becoming a better leader.

The affiliate has to grow also. He has to become a leader himself. He has to be the best leader he can so he’ll find people that will want to be associate with him as their sponsor.

4. The sponsor has to be patient, but not idle. He has to invest his time with the affiliates that are ready to go further. The others that don’t want to move along, he has to respect them. He has to let them know that he’s there for them. The sponsor has to find ways to get those unmoving affiliate to become more active in the business. He’ll need to find what could make them move forward.

The affiliate has to learn to be patient also. He has to be patient with his sponsor and learn to use to the max all the time he has to dedicate to him. He’ll have to be even more patient when he’ll become a sponsor himself.

5. The sponsor has to know his limit. He has to know what he’s willing to do for an affiliate and what he doesn’t. He has to respect his limits and also do his best to expand them. A sponsor should never do everything. He should help, but never do it all.

The affiliate also has to know his limit or at least learn where they are. He also has to be willing to expend them. He should always try to be more and more able with his business. A good affiliate is looking forward to the day when he’ll be a great sponsor.

In conclusion, sponsor and affiliate have their obligation. They both have to do their best and move forward. It’s an association, it’s a partnership, it’s a business relation and it’s a friendship.

Too many leaders are like travel agent, they send people where they never been themselves.

If you want to be a good sponsor, do the work and do it well. Learn how to become a better leader and keep doing it daily. Doing a little everyday is much more important then doing a lot someday. Don't wait until you reach the someday land to do it.

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