Monday, 2 June 2014

Word of mouth

 - Simon Mainwaring

Your best advertising is word of mouth. When someone likes your product, they’ll tell others and that will bring good people to your product. And it can also go the same way for a negative advertising. If someone is rightfully angry against your product or business, it will burn a lot of your potential customer.

If you make a deal with a customer, respect your part of the deal. Giving less then what you did offer because you realize you offer too much is a very wrong way to do business. That client will feel like he has been robed and will never do business again with you. And that person will burn anyone who would ask he’s opinions about your business. That one deal will bring your business down in the end. If you did that once, then there’s a good reason to think that you would do it a lot more.

Customer relation is the basic of any business. If you think that you can rob someone without anyone knowing about it, then you’re stupid. And if you’re stupid, then you don’t deserve to be in business.

It’s not because you got scammed that you have the right to scam someone else. You have to take full responsibility for your action. What you do is all on your hands.

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