Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Word value

If you cannot resume your idea in 10 words or less, maybe you should take more time to think about it.

Too much is always about what has not been deeply reflected upon. When it is ready, you can resume it shortly.

Too many books are filled with useless words and so little good information. Why do we buy big books when there are only 4 to 5 good pages in them? I would pay the same price for only those 5 pages.

The time needed to understand a good quote should be short and long. Short for the first meaning into it and long for the more deep meaning that is usually invisible at first sight.

Babbling can be so boring, but if we choose to listen and search for something useful we end up finding it. Among all those useless words you can find priceless bits that will help you.

It’s always when we feel like it’s a waste of time that we find something great. It’s always when we’re tired that we find something to spark our brain with energy.

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