Thursday, 12 June 2014

Good blogging?

Good blogger?

Here are some rules to live by if you want to become a good blogger.

1-     First, you need to write a post everyday. I know, most of us can’t write a post everyday. Sometimes, we just can’t find the energy to write 10 words on a piece of paper. But, some other days, we can write 10 pages with the same times that we took for the 10 words. Then, you should set a side the extra that you produce for the days that you are less creative. Having a bank of prepared post is the best way to keep on posting everyday.

2-     Content is king. Write interesting stuff. Keep your blog an interesting place to visit daily. If you want people to come everyday to your blog, you must give them quality.

3-     Keep on learning. Take one hour a day to learn something new. Learning is what will keep you on the edge to write good stuff. If you keep on learning everyday on a subject for 5 years, then you’ll become an expert in that subject.

4-     Promote your blog. You have to promote your blog everyday. Do something to get it out there so new people will come across it. Even if you don’t see that much return with the quantity of people visiting your blog, keep on promoting. What you’re planting today will bring you the traffic tomorrow.

5-     Answer the comment and be nice doing so. In fact, be nice with every people that comment your post.

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