Saturday, 21 June 2014

Desperate = Success

A desperate person could do stupid things. But, some of them will use that energy to do powerful things. No one wants to be desperate, but sometimes it can become the start of a new life. Breaking the old and start with something new.

The difference between someone who will reach for the golden ring when desperate and someone who will not is mostly what they took the time to learn before. The reality, is that most people will not try to expand what they know. They feel good with it. The people who will go for the golden ring are using their knowledge to make it there.

Other people will start to search for a reason to why they are desperate. They waste a lot of time in that. And when they find or think they find the reason, they are still desperate. But at that moment, they have a lot less energy to spend on finding a way to get out of that sad situation.

The ones who get out of that sad moment and reach for something even better, they are working on it from the start. They're not taking too much time in looking back. They look ahead and work to make it there.

As always, you are in charge of doing what needs to be done. Or not.

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