Friday, 12 July 2013

More wins...

Do you know the difference between someone who's winning a lot and someone who never win anything?

The one who wins a lot takes the time to acknowledge each of his winning. Everyone of them. The win are everywhere, when he gets a parking lot where he likes to park. When he get the last DVD available at the DVD shop. When he see an accident behind him, that could have included him. Win doesn't have to be money, they can be what ever you want.

You need to acknowledge them as they come. You'll find out that the more you celebrate your wins, the more you'll win. You'll end up believe that you are a lucky guy. And as you believe then shall you become.

The people that never win, are thinking they never win, but in reality they do. They just don't remember it because they didn't celebrate it. As they don't believe in their luck, then they see less and less wins. And in the end, they become unlucky.

I believe so much that I'm a lucky guy that I had influenced others in becoming winners. The first one I influenced is my wife. She was thinking that she could never win anything when I met her. She didn't realize that she was a lucky woman. And I did my best to show her how easy it was to become lucky. Now, she wins prize almost every week. The last one is a $25 gift card at the coffee shop Tim Horton. And that's only one prize. :)

Do you want to be lucky? Do you really want to be lucky? If you do, then start right now to celebrate everything you have. And you shall get more...


Tom Wacker said...

Another dandy post, Serge! The hits just keep on coming!

Like you, I acknowledge and celebrate everything. I have a little gesture that I make many times a day, in thanks and celebration. It really does add up!

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot Tom! Yes, it adds up. :)