Thursday, 25 July 2013

An Interesting idea!

Advertising your company is an art. You need to find ideas that will promote the qualities of your company and get you out of the pack.

Internet business have the reputation of being easy to advertise. But it's far from the truth. In reality, it's as hard to take an internet business and get it in front of the customers. You need as much work as in the outside world. It's has hard to make the contact with your customers on the internet.

And still, to get out of the pack you need a lot of work, good ideas and passion.

I just stumble upon a good idea to advertise your business. Outside and inside of the internet.

Photo playing cards custom printed.

There's something out of the pack. Creating a set of paying card could become a great way to promote your business. Giving them away where you think they would be used and seen would be the finishing step of that advertising process. Camping, coffee shop, hospital, waiting room, plane and where ever you would find someone having some time to spare. As long as you can put your custom cards in front of people, it's OK to give them away.

If you choose to create cards that you want to sell, then it's another story. You'll need to choose the market and create the card for that market.


Tom Wacker said...

What a great idea! Very nice find, Serge!

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot Tom!