Thursday, 18 July 2013

Riding the wave in your own term!

Do something others don't...

With today's fast information market, you need to be fast and a little in front of the pack. Having information first is great, but if you don't find a way to use it you'll end up behind as if you got the news later. What you need is to work on your creativity.

Instead of using the info as anybody else and ride the wave. You should find a way to ride the wave on your own term. Finding your own way to put a spin on it.

Look around you, the people that are doing great in your market are also the ones who are riding the wave in their own term.

It's better to invest a lot of time in the search of a great idea then to advertise like any others. Even if you are in the first to promote an opportunity, the ones who are having the best result are always people that did something special to promote it.

Don't make it good, make it better. Instead of doing a common ad, do something that has never been done. Or has never been done like what you're doing.

Don't be boring...     take more time to find good punch lines. Don't settle for the common buzz words.

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