Saturday, 27 July 2013

Start making video...

Getting yourself in front of the camera...

If you are like me and didn't start to make videos, then you're wasting a lot of energy and time to make a buck on the web.

Video are like blog, you need to start now because it takes time to really get the grasp of it. The better your video, the better the response will be to it. The better the response and the more people will follow you. The more people will follow, the more sales you'll make.

There's a new programs that you can use with YouTube. It's called YouNow. Interesting new program that helps you to promote your YouTube video and find new subscriber (and customers).

There's also Spreecast, but with this one it's the other way around. You make video with Spreecast and then promote them on YouTube.

There's also Ustream.

There's also LiveStream.

There's no reason for you not to use those programs to promote your video. And there's a tons of broadcasting video program out there hungry for your content. There's so many reason for you to do this. Promote your video and earn more.

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