Thursday, 11 July 2013

Negative news...

I do my best to stay away from the TV and all it's negative energy. My wife, she likes to watch the news. So, at least once a day I find myself in contact with that negative energy. I keep telling myself that I can take it and it will not bring my spirit down. But in reality, I have to work harder to stay focus and full of energy.

I love my wife and I respect her choice of taking in that negative energy. I really hope that she'll realize how bad that energy is and how down we get when we listen to it. I don't want to push anything.

Two days ago, we were listening to the news and they were talking to a mother who had lost her daughter in the accident of Lac Megantic. I got really sad and I drop a tear with that mother. What a nightmare those family are living. And I got really down after that.

That's why I wrote my post yesterday. Because I needed to let out some of the heavy emotion this has left on my shoulder. I don't know if this negative energy is good or bad. I just know how I felt, and it wasn't good. What could I do? I cannot change what happened over there. Nothing can be done to change that. It's done and we have to live with it.

Yes, find someone guilty could be seen as a way to end this. But in reality, I don't think that it will help that much.

This nightmare has been going on for days in the news over here.

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