Monday, 29 July 2013

Business mind...

The worker mind is hard to leave behind when we start a business.

When you work on a job, you sell your time and energy for a salary by the hour. We all start our adult life with a job and most of us will never think of another way to make money.

When we start a business, we have to leave behind that mentality of salary. We have to see the larger picture and the money that will come back in the long term.

I have been marketing online for a long time. And I was doing it with a worker mind. I wanted the money now. And I never had the chance to build anything that lasted. I was too interested in the fast return. I know that most of the people entering internet business are having the same problem as I did. A business is more then a job. It's an investment that you make for yourself. The work you're doing is for you.

Yes, you can become a sales representative for a company on the internet. There's a lot of them out there. But you should really go for your own business or a company who offers a great downline bonus plan. You'll be making a lot of money with an multi level marketing (MLM) if you know how to wait for your downline to grow.

Building a business with a worker mind will not bring you half of what it could have bring you with a business mind.

So start to think business and build yourself a legacy.


Tom Wacker said...

Oh, Serge! What a great column!

"Leave the worker mind". Wow, some of the best I have read lately!!

Lots to think about in this post, makes it very memorable!

Serge Cote said...

Thanks a lot Tom. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Many people come to me with the need for a fast income. I always tell them to find a job and when they would be ready to build something for the future, to come to me. There's too many scam out there promising the moon for $10. A lot of people think that it can be done over night. That's sad. This dream can become true with work and time.