Thursday, 4 July 2013

Friends of CTP!

Click Track Profit is one of the greatest program out there to advertise your business. And one of the nice things included in CTP is the friends system and the profile page. It's also linked to chat and a lot of Traffic exchange. So, when you click on the image of someone presenting a splash page in a TE, you go directly to his or her profile page with CTP. That's really nice. You can leave a message on a profile that anyone can see and send private message.

When you surf and get badges, you can give some of them to your fiends.

One kind of badge is called Friendzy badges. Those badges cannot be taken for ourselves, we have to give them away.

To get those badges, you need to have the Friendzy card active in your goodies page with CTP.

When that card is active, then all your friends can give those badges to you. When your card is full (4 spot to fill) you win a spin on the gift wheel of CTP. One of the prize is on that wheel is to spin the money wheel where you can win up to 10$.

So, if you want to get your Friendzy card filled, you need to have friends. The more friends, the more cards you can fill in a day. Me, on my best day I got 2 Friendzy card filled. I have more then 800 friends right now in CTP.

This is not a way to make a living, but it's a lot of fun. I like to give badges even more then to get them. :)

If you need help and tips with CTP, I'll be happy to do my best. 

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