Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Better team

What could be done to make team building better?

I have a few ideas that could help those type of building tools.

- Set promo reward in direct relation with the work done by the member. Something like Explosive Traffic. You get back the promo of your link in the team promo from what you are promoting yourself. I don't know why someone who's promoting 1000 hits per week should get the same promo as someone who's generating 100 000 hits per week.

- If you want to give something to the team as a leader, you should reinvest 75% of what you get into the advertising of the team. And I know that most leaders in those teams don't do that.

- A team should be fully automated. Nothing should rely on the life and death of one person. Even if that person is working her ass out.

- Never add new stuff to join when you already have something good going on. When you add a new program into the team promo, you let everyone know that you gave up on the main program and that you want to max out on the team with another one. It's one of the way to break a team.

Maybe I'll set up my own team and make it better then what is out there right now.


Tom Wacker said...

Hey Serge! I just happen to know that you are a good team leader from StartX!!

I'm trying a different way to comment, I hope it works. Keep it coming!

Serge Cote said...

Great Tom, this comment comes out perfect! Thanks, I'm thinking about our team in StartX. I would like to get more members to surf each week. If you have any good idea, I'll be happy to talk about this with you. :)