Saturday, 29 June 2013

Do you have something to say?

When I don't have a lot of inspiration for my new post, I like to visit blog. Sometimes, I read a post that give me the drive to write my own post. But sometimes, I come across some very sad blog. There's too much blog that are just advertising board. I know, people want to promote and find new referral, but you do this at the expense of new follower and maybe referral on your blog. People join people, not business. If you build your reputation on good blog post, people will like you and join what you are promoting because it's you. So, if you get removed from the bookmarks because you only advertise on your blog, then it will be all your fault.

So, here's some blog that I like to read because they have something to say. :)

Entrepreneurship Blog by Mike Michalowicz. Mike has wrote two good books on building your own business. He's a straight talking guy that will always say what he thinks is the best. He post a lot, and on a lot of interesting subject. A must if you are into business.

Tom Wacker dot com by Tom Wacker. Tom have he's own way in presenting things. He wrote a lot and each of his post are filled with lots of great contents. I visit his blog many times a week, even if I'm not looking for a subject.

Seth's Blog by Seth Godin. Seth is working hard to write a post each day. Lot's of great stuff here.

Geri's thoughts by Geri Gerstner. Geri is working hard to make good post. And some of them are really good.

The Jon Olson Project by Jon Olson. This is the second blog by Jon. This one is more personal then the Hit Exchange News.

The Tim Linden Blog by Tim Linden. Tim talks about stuff from his business and what ever he want to. I like to read his blog.

Hit Exchange News by Jon Olson. Jon wrote some great post. Not very often, but really good in content.

I'm bringing nerdy back by Justin Ledvina. This blog is really good. Lot's of good stuff. But post are rare...

Force The Blog by Mike Allen's. Mike hasn't wrote a new post in more then a month. I miss his unique way to present idea. I miss your post Mike. :)

I read a lot of blog, but most of them are only advertising blog with no content.

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