Saturday, 22 June 2013

Using the hammer...

Comparing a business to another will never make bring someone into your team. If you want to convince someone to join your team, you should sell yourself. In reality, people are joining with you if they think you can help them make a buck. Don't waist your time in long technical comparison between your business and others. Instead, spend your time in presenting yourself to them and what you want to achieve with your business.

My business is better then yours fight will never bring anyone into your team...

In reality, most business online are good. It's all up to you to know how to build them and do the job. If you fail, don't blame the business.

OK, there's also the scam...    but those are easy to identify. If you don't feel good joining them, then it's mostly for a good reason. Your instinct can tell you a lot of things. And even if it's not a scam, if you don't feel good joining it, then you should not join it. Your feeling are telling you what's good or not for you. And you should follow them. Maybe it's not good for you to join that kind of business.

When you find a business that is feeling good for you, do something. If you want to build a house and that you have bough the best hammer in the market, if you don't start to hit some nails the house will never become a reality. If you leave the hammer on the floor and wait for the house to become a reality, then you are a fool and you should stay away from the business world.

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