Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Who are you?

Personal branding...

You need to brand yourself. It's so powerful that some people are recruiting with their branding only. Anything they promote will bring new referral because people trust them.

You can do this with a pic of you or anything that you like. But a pic of you smiling is the best tools to build a positive reputation.

In the end, it's all about reputation...   When your reputation is established, you'll become a reference and people will join under you because of it.

Laws to build a good reputation:

- Promote all the time and everywhere. You need to bee out there so people will see that you are still active.

- Stick to the stuff you promote. There's nothing more damaging then a jumping promoter. If you promote SFI, then keep promoting it. The longer you'll promote it, the better your brand will be associated with it.

- Create new splash about what you are already promoting. This is a way to entertain people and build your brand.

- Make things interesting. Don't hesitate to promote yourself before the program you're in. Create an interesting brand.

- Don't follow others. Do your best to brand yourself with something out of the ordinary.

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