Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ask the question...

You are the power behind your idea.

You get great idea coming to you at random moments and random places. You just need to be ready to write them down and work on them.

But, how do you ask for those good ideas? You just ask, that's it. There's nothing complicated in this. You just need to ask the right question.

Mike Michalowicz made a great post about this. 

It's better to take your time in choosing the good word for your questions then to do this as a dump. You'll get the answer, even if it's a cheap one you wanted. Take the time to ask the real question you want and you'll get the best answer you can get.

If you want to become an internet superstar, then as it directly like this. How can I become an internet superstar? And even better, you should add that you want to make it from where you are. How can I become an internet superstar with who I am right now? And if you go one step ahead. How can I become an internet superstar with who I am and what I have right now?

The more specific you are, the more specific will be the answer to what you want.

Leave it working...    give it the time to get back to you...   You never know when the idea will come to you. You have to be patient and grab it as it will come. Stay positive and believe in this great idea and it will come to you. And the last thing, if you get your great idea, start to work on it. There's always something you have to do.

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