Thursday, 6 June 2013

Follow the leader

"If you can't follow yourself, why would anybody follow you?" J. C. Maxwell

Another great quotes by J. C. Maxwell. Before you ask people to follow you, you need to be good enough for you first. You need to be willing to follow you. And this means, really follow you. Don't lie to yourself, you'll know it's a lie. :)

Be a great leader for you and you'll meet people that will be willing to follow that great leader.

Stop thinking that you can hide behind the digital net and fool people with all your lies. You can't hide the scam you're in. It will be known and you'll be identified as a piece of junk. Scam is just that, pieces of junk.

And if you think that you can hide behind false identity, one way or another, you'll get what you deserve.

Be true, be a great leader, start with yourself.

Be more and you'll get more.

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