Friday, 7 June 2013

Triple or not

Never screw me twice...

I'm gonna tell you a little story. A few month ago, I was surfing on a TE when I saw a post from the owner in the chat announcing that he would triple any buy of credits in the next hour. The time stamp on the post was 10 minutes before. So I went to the buy credits of that TE, bought a packages and put a message in the chat that I took the deal (my message was 15 minutes after the one from the owner). The owner responded that he was going to take care of it and it was ok with me. I got the basic amount of credits right away. The next day, I still didn't see the triple credits in my account, so I wrote a ticket to the admin. Then I got a double credits in my account. I know what is double and what is triple. So I wrote another ticket to the admin. And I got banners and text credits. But no triple credits. 

How do you think I felt in that? I felt screwed. I paid for triple and got double. Banners and text credits are not worth as much as basic credits so it's never gonna replace them.

Do you think that I'll make any business with that owner? NO, never. Screw me once, it's an error. Screw me twice, I'm the error.

All that for a little $5 worth of credits. That's what he save.

Doing stuff like that, how much time do you think he's going to be in business? Not long...

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