Monday, 10 June 2013

Writers blank block

When you want to write, you need to set up some goals and habits to do the right things everyday. The top writer are doing it everyday. Most don't even take a day off. They write even if they don't feel like it.

The fear of the blank page. I do have it from time to time. I face my computer and nothing seams to come out. To fight this, I have a list of subject by my computer. I add new stuff as soon as I get idea on that list. Most of my post come from that list. Sometimes it's a quotes, other times it's a subject that I think I should talk about. My list is moving, because each time I use a subject I remove it from the list.

I also like to read others blog. There's a lot of good blog around the net. I just choose to read some of them that are inspiring me. And then, I write my own post about the same or near subject.

You can also find some good tips in those web sites...

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The Terror of the blank page

In reality, writing everyday is hard. And you should keep on fighting your blank page so you end up writing everyday. In the end, you'll write good stuff and some other not so good. It doesn't matter. The good stuff will always be what will stand out. And the not so good ones, will be left behind.

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